Construction Management

Our objective is to provide services which match up with client needs and objectives. Utt Construction Company (UCC) also has the experience and capability to deliver projects from cradle to grave.Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 7.07.29 PM

From a commercial standpoint, we also offer flexibility. Depending on client objectives, we will execute projects on a lump sum, cost plus or guaranteed maximum price basis. We can provide sample contracts for your review.

A brief summary of our services:

General Contracting:

UCC is licensed as an unlimited general contractor which allows us to permit projects of an unlimited value. When a general contracting relationship is established financial responsiblity, permits, subcontracts and payments to subcontractors all lie with Utt Construction Company.

Construction / Project Management:

Construction / project management typically entails providing staff to clients to support client project delivery responsibilities.


Under most design-build arrangements, UCC takes the responsibility to execute a project from cradle to grave. Design, permitting, procurement and construction responsibilities fall under the responsibility of UCC. This execution approach allows the seamless overlapping of project phases and has been proven to save project time and in turn, money.

We have executed projects using each of the above project delivery methodologies.